Saturday, 22 April 2017


CPA Budget proposals.
CPA is committed to being responsible with the nations finances, caring for the poor and elderly and creating wealth where we can so in the long run we have more money to spend on priorities.

1)      Borrowing. Keep targets to reduce borrowing to no more than £20bn per year by 2020.
2)      Tax. Introduce new turnover tax on all companies at 5% with a turnover above £30,000 per year. This to be offset against corporation tax (tax on profits). This means the companies that will lose out will be those that do not pay corporation tax currently. It will give an even greater incentive for companies to locate in the UK and clamp down on tax avoidance.
3)      Maintain corporation tax at 20% with no further reductions.
4)      Increase level of stamp duty for property sales above £1.5million to 20% (currently 12%) for all property sales.  This to be increased to 25% where the purchaser is not domiciled in the Uk for tax purposes or is a company. This level to operate on rolling sales over a 2 year period. So if a Buy to let property is purchased for £1 million this year and another for another £1 million next year, the second property will pay stamp duty at the marginal rate as if the first purchase had been £2 million.  No mansion tax as Labour want.

5)      Accept the 2% increase in NI for the self employed.  We would increase in the 0% band of national insurance to bring it to the same as for income tax without loss of pension credits. Otherwise maintain the current tax and national insurance rates.
6)      The chancellor took no action to stop people going to foodbanks. We say change the method of paying benefits so people who apply get the on application if there is a reasonable chance of success only to be repaid if they have lied on the application form. No benefit sanctions to apply unless a job offer is made or 3 job interviews have been missed. The test for disabled people and mentally ill to be changed so normally they won’t be taken off existing benefits. Where higher benefit rates are needed due to the extent of disability this will be provided.
7) The increased spending for social care of £2bn over 3 years is welcome though less than the £2bn per year which was called for. We would make this a priority.
8)      Announce 3rd Heathrow runway to be scrapped. New airport to be built in the Thames Estuary instead with new rail links to be developed starting immediately.
9)      Announce new investment bank for the UK to give grants and cheap loans to industry so our industry is ready to meet the new challenges of international trade.  Initially the focus to be on shipbuilding and fishing where we will be seeking to enforce our international right to a 200 mile exclusion zone (or half way to the nearest country) as soon as article 50 is invoked. The size of the investment bank to be decided by how much increased revenue can be obtained from the turnover tax and increased stamp duty.

Please use this information if invited to comment to any media.

There has been a massive outcry this morning regarding the National Insuranace Increase for the self employed in the budget which I said yesterday we support.  The point is that it is fair because the self employed are paying much less National Insurance and where in the past they got lower pensions they don't any more. However this does clearly break a Conservative Party manifesto pledge p.29"A Conservative Government will not increase the rates of VAT, Income Tax or National Insurance in the next Parliament". Therefore our positon has to be that they should not have done this until after the next General Election as no party should ever break a manifesto pledge. Our position however is we would not reverse it if we were in government but focus on increasing National Insurance thresholds for everyone instead.

I hope this is helpful.

Sunday, 9 April 2017

It was debated on, albeit by a male-dominated House of Commons, with the best of intentions, ie the mother's life being in danger.
Fifty years on, the cost of this 'practise' has, eg in 2010, come to £118 million for the NHS of which £75 million went to private clinics. One can only dread to imagine the overall cost, even allowing for inflation over that period.
That's 8.7 million taxpayers and NI contributors who could have swelled funding both for the NHS and for State p...
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SPUC Scotland's motivational message issued today via Twitter is: "The fight for the right to life is not the…

Wednesday, 1 February 2017


Independent pharmacies are threatened with closures.  

The CPA may support the idea of pharmacies being re- located within care homes where possible, not only for easy access for, and advice to, elderly residents but also for cost-efficiency*.

While out at a Public Meeting re. Phamacies, 11/11/16 it was mentioned that it would be more cost-efficient for pharmacies to be located in care homes*.  At present there are 53 care homes in Sutton.

Sunday, 22 January 2017


A book entitled “ Can I tell you about Gender Diversity” is being introduced into Schools with the support of the Education Authority. The book promotes the teaching of transgender principles to young  children and the removal of signs outside toilets such as BOYS and GIRLS to promote the idea that children can use whichever toilet they want.

I have written both to the Prime Minister about this as follows: 

Dear Mrs May,
I write to you out of concern that the Department of Education is promoting within our schools a book called “Can I tell you about Gender Diversity” by C J Atkinson.
This small, rather non-academic approach to the sex education of our children is disturbing. I am shocked that the Department of Education would support and even recommend this books inclusion in the school curriculum.  The book seeks to sexualise all children at an early age and raises transgender issues in their minds which will, without doubt, cause them confusion.
The removal of the words “Boys” “Girls” outside toilets, that children should not be referred to as a boy or girl and the idea that changes in vocabulary, signage and dress concerning gender should be changed in our schools in the interest of our children is bizarre. The book which argues this is poorly written and evidenced and reads as fantasy or fiction and should not be considered an advisory or academic work.
The sexualisation of children before an appropriate age is a recent phenomenon in our education system and the approach this author takes will not help our children become balanced adults. The books assumptions that its recommendations will help our children is ludicrous and unfounded. The book contains no academic research to support its strange ideas. We must not be taken in by the idea that all children are battling with transgender issues which is the premise of this book.
Parents are responsible to teach their own children about sexual issues and parents are the only ones who really know how and when it is appropriate to do so. We must not allow the Department of Education to remove parental responsibilities and promote the ill-founded ideas within this book.
As you know The Bible makes it very clear that parents should teach their children Godly behaviour and that this will stand them in good stead for the rest of their lives. We are privileged in the UK to    have in you a Prime minister who was raised in a Godly manner enabling you to lead our nation in a similar way. I am therefore hopeful that you will advise the Department of Education to withdraw this book from our schools and stop the teaching of transgender issues to our Children.
Proverbs 22:6 states;  “ Start children off on the way they should go, and even when they are old they will not turn from it” Abraham Lincoln stated when referring to this verse of scripture “There is one way to bring up a child in the way he should go and that is to travel that way yourself”.
We must make to possible for our teachers to mentor our children in the ways that God intended. This will give our children the same opportunity you were given and that is to make up their own minds, at the appropriate age, with the full knowledge of right and wrong.

Thursday, 19 January 2017


While at a Father's House conference I joined in with a conversation about the State of Israel in which  an acquaintance related how, when speaking with a group of Orthodox Jews they declared 'We don't do Israel'. 

Apparently they see the true Israel as being one that will fulfil all God's laws prior to the return of the Messiah, Yeshua, and not the current Zionist State.

I suggested that if the current State of Israel is not, as they see it, the true Israel, then perhaps it is the forerunner, as John The Baptist / Baptizer was the forerunner to Our Lord. My acqaintance agreed.

As John the Baptist pointed to Our Lord, then the State of Israel points to a 'true orthodox Israel'.  

As the State of Israel itself:

a) has probably the most moral defence forces in the world (aiming to minimise civilian casualties in the last Gaza conflict);

b) is always ready to give assistance to other nations when disasters happened;

c) treats Palestinians and even Hamas officials' relatives in Israeli hospitals;

d) allows all views to be expressed within its borders.  A nation that has remained undisturbed by the so-called Arab spring taking place over nearly the last five years.

Whatever its detractors say, Israel is at least the forerunner and also the forerunner to Our Lord's return, despite His own rejecting Him (St John, Ch 1).  It is to Israel that He shall return when His feet stand on the Mount of Olives and He ushers in the New Kingdom while pronouncing judgement on those who have come against Israel.  

Israel still has a special  plan  in God's purposes.

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Attended a meeting at which it was mentioned that Somalis turn to piracy as 'it provides the jobs'.  Otherwise they would have been fishing in their home waters .. but for multinational companies who allow their vessels to fish off the Somali coast.

The Christian Peoples Alliance believes in the flourishing and dignity of human beings and in addressing issues that lead to impoverishment (inc. human) of other nations.  Multinationals may exercise great power but need to be called to account if working against the common good.


Monday, 5 December 2016